We make your voice resonate with the word!

Create voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google

Our Service

Different kinds of template

Any updated news for your brand? ever thought about making a game for your customers to better understand your brand? Use our template to create your own brand skill, and make your brand a close friend to your customers.

Create content by recording

Voice can deliver your idea and emtion directly through your audience, use your iconic voice to build connection with your customers, keep the tonality on the same line and build your personal brand more friendly and vividly.

Plugin with Spotify / Amazon Music

Feeling tired for searching audio materials that match your need? Here comes our Spotify/Amazon music plugin function, which allows you to easily input maximum 30 seconds audio clip from Spotify. Your customers’ emotional roller coaster will go up and down with the selective music.

Share to different kinds of audio platform and social media

You can share your skills on different platform for more exposure and boost the publicity, which allows you to add more content on your targeted platform, and create word-of-mouth publicity.

What values can VOISS add to your company?

Story Teller

Your VOICE APP will be your brand representative that can precisely deliver the brand value to your audience. AI assistant speaks aloud and tell the story for you which will greatly improve the retention rate and earn their trust, they will become your loyal customer.

Intelligent Insight

An immersive experience can help your customers realize that you understand their need, and also help you to discover customers preference. Want to know how will they make decision in certain circumstance? Will they pay more attention after they figured out they are actually putting their child in danger? Will they want to learn more cultures differences so they won’t accidently offend their client? Time to design the scenario now.

Gamified Interaction

Customers are tired of traditional advertising, they will press the exit button before they even know what the advertisement is about. Creating an interesting and immersive game can attract your customers and increase their engagement, when they become part of the story and interact with it, they can literally recreate the gaming experience and become their unique personal memory.

Multi Touchpoint

Beside of reaching different platforms, your content can be published via different hardware and reach more customers. Customers can awake your skill not just through different kind of smart speakers, but also on their in-vehicle infotainment system, smart headset, smart screen, robot, etc.

We make your voice resonate with the word!

Our Customer

VOISS is dedicated to create a platform that can help different type of publishers (including audiobook, movie, podcast, etc.) to build deeper connection with their customers. As a talented content creator, what are you waiting for?